20 January 2010


currently reading Not Simple by Natsume Ono. one of her few comics translated into english. i'm not really into reading manga, but when i passed this thick book (about 316 pages) at the store and flipped through it, i couldnt help myself. the artwork is so likable! it reminds me a bit of the Moomin artwork, in its clean yet cute style.

although a bit confusing at times, the story so far is gripping and keeps me wondering for more. its about an interesting life story dealing with family, death, searching and mystery.

i also want to get the book below, Tesoro. it looks so cute! but copies only available in Japanese still, so i dont think i could fully understand whats going on. hehe. to see more go to this website, it has some samples of Ono's other books that you can view the first chapter of.


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