07 November 2009

(photos that my friends shared with me)

the other day i was thinking to myself: what do you think is the most amazing/exciting/special thing that has happened to your loved ones around you? and here's a list of examples i thought of for my friends:

my sister: skydiving
malisa: her time spent here in hawaii
dawn: getting married
mitchell: japan
reise: being caressed by Beyonce', front row at her concert
erika: Bjork concert

i just find it so interesting, all the great things that happen in our lifetime. and i so i extend the question to you, all my wonderful blogger friends whom i've grown to like so much :-)

what is the most memorable thing that happened to you?


at Hanna said...

So classic but I have to say; the birth of my little som Otto, now being 12 months. And my journeys around the world. Diving with gigant rays in Costa Rica, meeting my first love, Richard, my volonteerjourneys for how disconnected they made me from my ever-day life, like your friend, seeing Björk was also wonderful... Ohh! Theres so much to ba grateful about! Thank you for asking this, I really needed to change my thoughts this morning ; )

Vanessa said...

Moving to Sweden for a job and new adventure, without having any friends here. And discovering so many amazing new ones!
The backpacking vacation through Spain and Portugal that I took this summer. Amazing.
THere are some others, but those two stand out right now.

ifzan ibrahim said...

gotta be the cafe. it took us almost 7 years to realize and reach that dream through tonnes of other obstacles :) the journey has been awesome, thats the part thats most memorable.

Anonymous said...

I treasure everything happens in life, be it good or bad things. This year itself has got so many things happening. Most memorable one is the three-week trip in US for school program! Although not everything happened was good, I enjoyed it very much! :D

sun. said...

Meeting Yoshitomo Nara, Seeing my best friends dream come true, and the journey of falling in love ;p Remembering all the good things always make me smile, its like cleaning up your bedroom and find some old photos or things from the past :)

silk said...

I lived in Scotland for one year (I'm French). It was such a great experience, to live in a foreign country! I met great friends and visited some amazing places. And I learnt a lot about myself.

laura said...

being different countries the past few years - i lived in holland for 3 years for uni, went to the states for an exchange program and now live in sydney. i love travelling and so happy i had the chance to see some parts of the world. but there are still a lot more that i wanna see.

hate to admit it but there are lots of other things too that i sometimes didn't think about as much, until someone asked me about it, and then i realised that i should have been more thankful and appreciative. so thank you for a thoughtful post. hugs x

Ensuite said...

Silly but fireworks can make me cry!

Reanna said...

So many good things happen everyday!

1. Moving to Montreal and starting something new.
2. Celebrity eye contact (Alex James, Matthew Broderic and Jason Schwartzma).
3. Mastering my grandma's borscht soup.

Make it Easy said...

ooh happy 1 year to your son!!! those are such great things! it sounds so fun! im glad it made you happy that morning to jog your thoughts about the greatness in your life :-)

ooh i would love to go to sweden one day! thats so great that you got to move there! and your backpacking journeys....WOW

you should be very proud of that cafe! ITS AMAZING. my blog friend here "hello sandwich" did a post on your cafe! check it out, i commented saying your work at that shop! haha :-D

very true, there is so much to be thankful for everyday! im glad you had a nice time here in america!

oh wow! those sound so great! thats a nice way to put it, cleaning out your room and remembering all the past thats beautifully hidden away...

wow, i would love to live away in another country one day! self discovery in a foreign place is so beatiful.

yes i think traveling is ESSENTIAL. im so glad my post gave you nice thoughts. that makes me happy too. HUG!

aw thats so sweet!!!
i love simple moments like those that really make the world stop, and make you realize how beautiful things are.

thats a great list!! i bet that soup is amazing :-D

its such a treat to read all your happiness!! <3

jenna said...

i think that's a lovely question to ask. i would say going to finland for me. it changed my life. i met people whom i hope to be in contact forever, i'm thinking even about moving there now.

julia said...

giving birth... definately and everything that followed even it is sometimes hard and exhausting!
it´s worth living... really feeling that deeply is an amazing thing!...

thank you for inviting me to ESSER!
i am addicted already!


Make it Easy said...

oh wow, im so glad to hear about that experience in finland and what it did for you :-)

thats amazing. i saw your sons pictures on your blog, beautiful! im so happy you like esser too!!

yawning fawn said...

oh there are so many little moments that i can think of.
really, really cool incidents or simple coincidences that make me think "oh wow!"

but a recent one that i can think of & that people may be able to relate to was saying hi to mr jens lekman
he was dj'ing at a crayon fields show & he was so sweet!
so so sweet!
actually, he said he liked my shirt! haha, he touched it softly too..oh swoon!

if you haven't heard his music before you must!
some choice selections: pocketful of money, a little lost & someone to share my life with.
& for crayon fields listen to 'mirror ball'.
sorry i diverged a bit.

Make it Easy said...

oh my gosh....youre so lucky!! i love jens lekman!! he has such a great voice with magical melodies :-)
i also love sondre lerche so much!

Anonymous said...

Having Ricky Martin say to me, "It's all about breathing, Love." That was pretty funny/cool.

I've spoken to Sondre. He's a nice guy.

BTW, that's Peggy, that cucumber-eating cat! (That image is from the blog I Love Peggy.) I love that cat.

Make it Easy said...

ahaha ooh ricky. so funny
oh really? wow, i wonder what sondres like :-)
oooh thanks, i didnt know about peggy! hahah my friend just posted it on my facebook and i thought it was funny. hahah

Jim said...

First, that cat picture is too funny. I wish I had taken that picture. I think the cat is worried his cat friends might see him eating cucumber instead of a mouse.

Your post made me remember one of my favorite movies After Life by Hirokazu Koreeda. Have you ever seen? Heaven in the film is a single happy memory from your life.