26 November 2009


i found this super cute band called Hitsuji. they make very nice melodies of folk/pop. if they had a CD i would definitely buy one!


Leslie said...

This and the previous post are super cute! Hitsuji reminds me of lullatone, but with voices -w- Thank you for the recommendation; I'll be looking forward to more of their music!

Happy Thanksgiving, too!

Hila said...

They look so cute :)

sun. said...

I love these kind of music, thank you for sharing :-)
It reminds me of gutevolk and popoyans.
maybe you'll like it too ;-)

Make it Easy said...

oh my gosh Sun.....you know THE BEST things!!! you always expose me to things i fall in love with so fast!
i have heard of the popoyans! i remember that rabbit on their myspace.....but gutevolk......I LOVE!!!!! wow, i have never heard of them before. THANK YOU!!!

Nazara said...

very nice :)

ara said...
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