11 October 2009

Fixed Gear Japan

not really into the fixed gear bike movement, but i do like these photos from this Charikichi website. when i think of fixed gear bikes, i automatically think of San Francisco, but i am surprised how popular it's even getting here in Hawaii!

*hey Daily Poetry! i think you will like that website!*


Daily Poetry said...

excellent!! thx a lot ! ra eyou planning to come back to paris next year?!

Celine said...

my husband has a fixed gear bike! All the bike couriers and bike enthusiasts have them in Toronto! I like them, for their simplicity, but I don't think I would ever ride one!

Brad Paige said...

Great blog and pictures! and the music that started when i clicked it i loveee!i cant wait for new posts your blog is very artistic

Here is a link to mine, i have some pretty interesting fashion illustrations and interviews with new up and coming male models! so take a look and if u feel inclined comment


R.K.Z said...

Especially like the last photo
and that blue glow.

Enjoy your Sunday of nothingness
but relaxation =)

Make it Easy said...

daily poetry:
im glad you like it! i immediately thought of you when i saw that website. i WISH i could go back to paris next year! i dont know when i will go again :-/

you and your husband is such a good looking couple! you guys are so cute :-) i do like how they look too! all my college friends ride them, but yes, i dont think i will ever. hahah they seem dangerous...but i guess thats the thrill. i need brakes! hahah i actually bought a 'modern amusement' shirt a long time ago (before the fixies got popular here in hawaii) with a fixie on it, only because i thought the bike was cute. i didnt even know it was a called a fixed gear. haha, so when i wear it now people think im apart of that :-D

aw thank you! i will make sure to check out your blog! i look forward to it. thank you for finding/visiting mine too!

aw you remembered that sundays are just for me! :-) im actually going shopping with my mom today, to prepare for my garden party i have tonight!!!

ii-ne-kore said...

fixed gear is getting super, super popular here in Oz, too:)
it makes me want a mama chari....hmmm, maybe an import business;)