07 October 2009


simply typed Muji into google. simple, clean, classic. what a lifestyle.

this weekend, i'm inviting my friends over for a nice dinner party. i plan to have it outside in my backyard because i just put up nice garden lights! i'm really excited, but besides food, drinks, and conversations...any suggestions to make things more interesting?


laura said...

such a nice watch!! love love love! have fun with the dinner party, don't forget to take photos! oh if you want, a dress code would be nice too, just come up with a random theme and get your friends to dress up as per your theme :)

Amanda Nicole said...

Ooo, gorgeous watches. A dinner party sounds fun, maybe you could play a game to add to the fun :)

Celine said...

I only get to go to muji when I go to europe :( but now they have one in nyc!
I like the room where they are all sitting on the floor! I think I would love to work like that on my laptop!

Luuworld said...

muji is amazing. i really love the clean lines, the no-fuss approach to design. it's just the epitome of elegant and frugal japanese style. i can't get enough of muji interiors. i could look at pictures all day long! lol.

marie said...

oh muji. i miss it!
your out door dinner sounds nice. perfect for warm nights :)

hiki said...

this reminded me that they are having the "everything 10% off member sale" at all muji stores here till monday, i must go run!!!!

hope you will have a wonderful party! i'd love to see the photos with your garden lights ;)

debbie said...

i wish there was a muji in portland. i love the clean, simple designs.

Vanessa said...

Ugh, I ❤ Muji. I live in Sweden and they carry it in one of our very popular department stores, Åhlens. THey make the most comfortable eye mask from t-shirt material. It gives me many extra hours of sun-blocked sleep on the weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

place cushions outside for people to sit on.
have a fire burning somewhere and roast m'mallows on it.
have tealights scattered around your backyard.
i hope you had a good night

danica said...

"muji is good for you" - so true!

Make it Easy said...

thanks! i will take pictures! a dress them would be great!! hmm, i like white...? haha

i know, i want the black watch! yaa, i love games. i should do that, thanks!

the table in my room i low like that, so i study sitting on a pillow like that too. its nice, but sometimes hurts my back. hahah

i couldnt have said it better myself :-)

hopefully it wont be that warm! its been so hot here in hawaii! but i think the night time, outside, will be perfect temp :-)

ahh! run and get some great things before the sale ends! how niiice. thank you, i will make sure to show some of the party in photos :-)

i wish there was a muji in hawaii :-( haha

oooh those eye masks sound great! i should go get one next time i go muji. thanks for the recomendation!

wow. those are excellent suggestions! thank you so much, thats sweet of you :-D

i know! i want that bag!!!

Anonymous said...

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