20 September 2009

Toro Y Moi


my new infatuation. 'bedroom pop' genius, Toro Y Moi opens my ears up to a fresh sound of summery lo-fi beats with hazy honey sweet vocals. not only does he produce such brilliant tracks, but his photography is wonderful as well. below are some of his works, which you can find more of at his really cool blog!



sara said...


ladybird said...

toro y moi is quite the discovery. i like this v. much!

kinako said...

hello! thank you for the friendly visit and comment. you have a lovely blog. i will be back for a closer look :)

coco said...

i just stumbled upon your blog by browsing thru flickr.
I love what i see.
so pretty :)

danica said...

this guy is super talented. i like his music very much. thanks for the introduction!

Windy Days said...

Thanks for all the new music recommendations. Will certainly have a listen! :)