31 August 2009

Study Time

i haven't been posting much since school is back in session :-( i really do love college, it's always fun for me. i'm a "senior", though i still might take a while to graduate. hahah. if you're wondering, i'm an Art major with a studio focus in drawing. my classes this semester:

-Japanese 212, my last language requirement!
-Art 113, drawing studio
-Art 116, 3D composition. super fun, we get to make a chair!
-Ethnic Identity 301, very interesting

i'm happy with my schedule. i do wish i had more computer time though, i'll make sure to continue with my blog life as well :-)

(photo: sorry to say, i can't properly credit this photo...i've had it saved for years since it's one of my favourites! i know its a japanese photographer though. maybe from flickr?)


Celine said...

loving all the light fixtures in that photo. It is a beautiful photo!
have a great time in school. you should show some of your drawings! I wish I could draw. It is such a great skill to have.

Daily Poetry said...

hello, i just discover this blog, and i really like the atmosphere and all the nice picture found all over the internet.Are you the one on the picture on top of the blog? think I know you from 5th... :)
thx for all the sharing .

Windy Days said...

Yep, totally know what you mean. I've started taking some design courses and the workload is crazy! Need all the time I can get to finish it hehe.
I'd love to see some more of your drawings one day. And good luck! Yay for Japanese!

J.Yo said...

good luck with your classes, i'm starting my university soon, so i'm kind of nervous! i major in Japanese literature now :)

Make it Easy said...

isnt that photo great!
haha maaaybe one day i will be brave enough to show my photos on here :-)

daily poetry:
thanks for finding my blog! i like your alot too! haha but not thats not me in the top header photo...know my from the 5th???

windy days:
art is such a fun thing to do in school, it just takes sooo much time! ecspecially studio work! wooo!

good look in your new university! im sure you will do great! its going to be fun :-)

melissa said...

sounds like a fun schedule! actually our college schedules are very similar, haha :)

by the way, i believe that photo was taken by kit :)