20 July 2009

Revolution Starts At Home

a project by iris humm and luca campri. they are a beautiful fascination.


hiki said...

Great images, as always!

Hey, do you know a movie called "honokaa boy"? It suddenly came to mind that you might like it, it has kind of a similar tone to your blog and it was filmed in hawaii so i thought i'd let you know ;) www.honokaa-boy.jp

Anonymous said...

So summery and calm. :) I love these types of pictures.

Make it Easy said...

へええ~~! おもしろいそう! ありがとう ひきさん :-)
its filmed on the Big Island of Hawaii! such a small "mom & pop town", hehe

im so glad you like it man! i love 'summer/calm' photography <3

Jimena said...

the song on your blog is so relaxing/calm :)

Fine Little Day said...

Always nice photo finds here.

Make it Easy said...

its my favourite song by Lullatone. you should check out their music, its so cute!

fine little day:
thank you so much! :-D
you always have amazing photos on your wonderful blog! what a great life in sweden!

Joanna Goddard said...

you choose such beautiful photos!