24 June 2009


found some great issues of Lingkaran and one Come Home! magazine the other day at Shirokiya.  my friends found it so funny that i went home with a huge bag of Japanese magazines, haha. one commented after a fit of laughter: "impressive!"  i thought it was funny that they thought it was funny :-)

nothing much going on.  these days are pretty simple, with the exception of constant reading and essays i have to type for my summer class. just another week and a half of this and i'm all done! then 2 days after my summer session finishes, i fly to Las Vegas and LA for vacation! im so excited! it's coming up pretty fast, but i can't feel it's full potential yet because i still have so much work to do.

anyway, hope these wonderful pictures help relax your day as it's doing for mine!



Nice magazines - but what are they about?

Enjoy your vacation! I can't wait for August. I'm going home to Manila for a little over a week.

hiki said...

You know it really amazes me that people outside Japan loves these Japanese magazines! I loved Lingkaran, pitty they finished it.

c. said...

Those magazines are so cute. I'm inspired to go out and take pictures.

ps. the song on your blog is really lovely. i can't stop listening to it.

Make it Easy said...

the issues are all different. covering topics from food, baby care, shops, crafts, etc. interviews and stories and such. its the photography im after though, haha
thanks! enjoy your trip back home too! i'll be seeing you this december??? me and my family is flying up there end of this year again, with my sister this time! haha

nihonjin have a very specific and beautiful eye for life i think. thats why im so attracted to that lifestyle. just walking throughout Japan, and meeting people...one can tell they take pride in so much. and i love that!

yes! these magazines definitely inspire me to take beautiful pictures like this too! but i find it quite hard..there's something missing that i dont have. i dont know what though, haha. i think it's the surroundings. if i was in Japan, i would be more inspired i think. haha
im glad you all like the lullatone song!! <3

yasu said...

i agree with hiki. im sad they finish publishing. those are one of my 2 favorites:)

Make it Easy said...

...i had a feeling they stopped making Lingkaran because i have not seen any new issues lately. this makes me so sad! because i put in a subscription for that magazine, without knowing it was discontinued. :-(
thanks for letting me officially know though, i would have been waiting and waiting for a new issue! haha

Amanda Nicole said...

These mags look gorgeous! Love all the light-soaked images.

comfies said...

love those magazines. wish i'd taken them home! and what a lovely blog you have!

Make it Easy said...

i know what you mean about the light! their photography is so vivid with natural sunlight! i love it!

thank you!!

May said...

What a beautiful beautiful magazine! It certainly gives off a very relaxed feel about life.

I just happened to stumble upon your blog. I love it already. :)

laura said...

so what does lingkaran means in japanese? so funny cause it's an indonesian word and it means a circle!

HELLO TIGER! said...

The magazines look so gooooood.

JecaOnline said...

The pictures surely made me feel relaxed. Your blog does that every time. :)

Make it Easy said...

ooh yes, its a very relaxing magazine for me too!
thank you for finding my blog :-)

haha thats funny. i actually dont know what lingkaran means in association to the magazine. i will have to figure that out! haha

hello tiger:
ooh it is! im glad you like it too!!

aw im so glad.
thank you so very much!!

heleen db said...

What an AMAZING blog you have going on here! It's so soothing and peaceful, and every single picture is absolutely gorgeous :)
You made me crave some magazines ;)

Make it Easy said...

oooh thank you so much! you're so kind <3
im glad you enjoy it :-)

marie said...

i love these magazines too. wish i had a japanese bookstore nearby

momo said...

I loved リンカラン so much. The images were always beautiful and the topics they cover were always interesting too. What a shame...

Not sure if you have second hand Japanese book store there, but if you do, I recommend you to find "olive" magazine. I used to buy them when I was much younger and still think there is no magazines like that these days. The best Japanese magazines ever.
have a nice day!

Make it Easy said...

thankfully we have many japanese book stores here
i will try to look for OLIVE, thank you for telling me :-)