04 June 2009

Just one of those days

today is beautiful. it's sunny outside with the nicest breeze...yet, i feel so still.  as if nothing important is happening and i'm just floating around.  a kind of blank situation.

it's not the best feeling. then again, it's not the worst. 

to make it easy, i'll just say today is: simple.

(photos by Rico*oneday, monsieur oiseau, and Tang)


Christian Castillo said...

I always love the pictures that go along with your posts, they're so serene.

Windy Days said...

Days like this can be nice too, though I get restless sometimes.
I love your new blog header! :)

Make it Easy said...

thank you my friend! im such a visual person, that i even usually think of pictures before my words. hahah

windy days:
exactly. i became someone restless today. though i read a book outside and ended up taking a nice short nap...so it was alright.
thank you!

J.Yo said...

ooh.. i kinda wish i had those days.. seems boring, but too beautiful of a day..

ah i don't blame you if you don't get me. hehe.

Fine Little Day said...

I like these three photos.