13 May 2009

What's going on?

so my wireless internet connection on my computer has failed and abandoned me!  i've tried to fix it, but no success. i'm so frustrated with it!!! i need to get it fixed :-(
so for now, i must use my sisters computer whenever i can...

it's been a while since i posted anything. so here's just a list of things thats been going on:
-graduation parties
-beach drives
-kahuku shrimp
-champagne &  jacuzzi at 11pm
-more work
-trying to save money for summer vacation to las vegas & LA
-constant house cleaning
-final Final tomorrow!

i'm so excited that Hello Sandwich interviewed me to be featured on her wonderful blog with some fun questions about Japan love. i can't want to see it!

i love these amazing portraits done by my flickr friend, Paran.


Hello Sandwich said...

nawwww! Aron~! Could you possibly get any more sweeter?! Thank you so much for your lovely answers and also for your link in your post here today! I am completely in love with your blog! But you poor little thing~! How you managed to answer the interview questions and post a lovely new post with yucky computer problems I have no idea!
I hope you computer gets better soon! I know what it's like to be without your mac and it really does crazy things to me!
I can't wait to post your lovely answers~! Thank you so much love!

Happy Thursday!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

J.Yo said...

congrats on the interview! i can't wait to see it! the topic is so interesting!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are fantastic and so summer like!

Interview should be fun to read :)

Make it Easy said...

aww thanks!!
i was so happy that you chose me to be apart of your interview project! they were great questions ;-)

thank you! :-)

oh ya, i didnt realize that till you said it! these are great pictures to introduce the summer :-D

hanna said...

Very nice. Te light looks scandinavian. I think I will use this seasons light and portrait my family and friends.

MUS said...

i like it too. thanks for sharing!