01 May 2009

Picture Post

some things laying around the house.

my sister, at the beach.

from some Japanese magazines i bought the other day.

as the spring semester comes to an end, we prepare for the summer. i've been spending hours on my final projects. today i registered for classes in the fall semester... it seems so far away, in august. summer will be nice and long.

i've got big ideas that i want to create in our back porch area! it involves a raised wooden plank floor, a bench with more potted plants, a bamboo shade screen, a lantern, a windchime, etc. but we need to grow the grass first...i cant wait! i want to plant a garden and a big tree in the back yard with a table and chair under the shade...
you're probably wondering what i'm talking about (haha).
our family just moved into a new house in the beggining of the year, so everythings new including the yard. right now its just dirt. that's why we have to start planting grass and rock paths.
i'm really excited to work on it all, but it's probably going to take a few months for some progress



Those magazine photos are great! I love them all. :-)

amy said...

oh my goodness! i took a photo today of a few small things lying around on my desk, including felt circles in blue and mauve, a key, a ring and a little metal owl brooch..

its strange knowing you were taking photos of similar arrangements too :)

Hello Sandwich said...

These are beautiful! I love them! Love the look of the Japanese mags too!
Hey - I wanted to ask you a favour - I was tagged by Lightning Heart blog to answer some questions but as I was recently tagged with similar questions I was hoping to change it to a sort of Japanese interview for a few people who have a strong interest in Japan. The process would consist of me emailing you a few questions and you emailing the answers back then the answers would be posted on Hello Sandwich.
I hope you can consider this. Thanks lovely Aron.
Have a gorgeous Sunday.
Love love
Hello Sandwich

Light and Writing said...

I love opening your blog to find a post such as this one! These pictures including your own are so calming for some reason! I love them! Best of luck with the yard project!

Anonymous said...

i really love the photo of all the shoes.

Make it Easy said...

wow what a coincidence! the felt circles with the beads is actually a button this girl made. she was giving away some of her simple crafts for free at this party

もうちろん!! that sounds so fun, i would love too
just email me and let me know :-)

light and writing:
a really big thank you! you are always so kind :-)
i cant wait to get started on my yard! i actually bought 2 plants today :-D

ya, arent they organized really nicely!

Hello Sandwich said...

ありがとう Make it Easy-san! I will email you tonight!

Fine Little Day said...

Love these peeps, and the book looks yummie.

阪戸美穂 Miho Sakato said...


you know Japan very well! びっくりしました。


miho @ Tokyo

marie said...

really nice photos :) a bit of escape. thanks!