22 May 2009

Japan Love

HUGE HUG to the wonderful Ebony (Hello Sandwich) who so generously took time to do an interview on me about Japan and all its glory!!  she's so sweet, and did an amazing job on the piece which she also included some pictures i took on my trip!  i'm actually drinking a Kirin Ichiban beer right now, so cheers to Ebony! 

and speaking of my Japan trip, above is a picture taken by amazing freelance photographer Bart Pogoda.  in this beautiful moment of capturing these two schoolmates saying bye to each other in the middle of Tokyo, he somehow (by chance!) caught ME in the background, right in the middle of this magical moment!!  isn't that crazy!? i dont even remember seeing this :-p


Fine Little Day said...

Nice to get to know you a bit more Aron.

This photo is super!

Chi Designs said...

i have only been following your blog for a few weeks, and i just assumed you lived in japan. only worked out you didn't after reading the interview. :)

great photo in your post. i loved the kids in japan.

laura said...

great interview! btw i gave you a blog award, see my blog for details :)

Light and Writing said...

What a great interview! I am so in love with this picture! What a great moment to capture!

yasu said...

i like the interview! you have a nice blog

Make it Easy said...

fine little day:
thank you so much!! its such a huge compliment coming from you, because i admire your works and blog immensely!!

chi designs:
thank you for following my blog!
hehe, yes sorry for the misunderstanding. i guess it would seem like i live in japan. hehe, that would be amazing though

wow!! thanks so much for this!!
why do i feel like i havent seen your blog before, and this surprises me because your blog is so wonderful!!! i will add you right away :-)

Make it Easy said...

light / writing & yasu: thank you guys so very much!!! <3

hiki said...

wow this is amazing!!
how did you get to find this photo? did you know the photographer?

Make it Easy said...

my friend that i went to japan with (walking in front of me in the picture) found it on flickr and sent it to me!!

NO, i dont know the photographer at all. i didnt even notice this picture was taken in front of me! haha

Hello Sandwich said...

Naw! That's so cute of you to say lovely Aron! Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you! And Kanpai! xxx

Windy Days said...

Haha what an odd coincidence! The world is pretty small hey?

parisa mahmoudi said...

How interesting!Nice to see you Aron! :)

twobadmice said...

Finding such precious gems as these is why I surf the web.
I LOVE that picture. I love that you are in the middle of all that fabulousness.
Just found your blog via loobylu- I am enjoying it.