17 April 2009

My friend

creating this blog was such a fresh step for me. basically because i came on here knowing no one that i'm so used to. like moving to a new town. an exciting start to share and befriend people from around the world.

well, one of my best friends that i cherish so much, Shaina, has joined the blogging community and i am more than excited to welcome her! we share the best conversations and connect on a very similar wave length. i love her so much, so i thought i'd share her with you all :-)

(picture below): she came back home for the summer (2008), and on her last day before she went back to the mainland for school, we went to the beach at around 4am and had the most pleasant company with eachother, waiting for the sun to rise.
i captured this beautiful vision of her with that sunrise.


J.Yo said...

i've visited her! ^^ so nice to see her blog!

and the photograph with the sun is so great, what camera do you use, btw?

Light and Writing said...

That photo is amazing! And the pic with the two of you is adorable!

Light and Writing said...

Oh and p.s. so happy the pictures may be inspirational! They were to me! Tell your sister I said good luck!

Shaina said...

aron.. i LOVE and appreciate you so much.
you always show me a postive light on this world, even when there are times i feel like my life is crumbling to pieces. yes boy! we swim in the same sea, and i'm glad we do. you are one of my true inspirations in life and i am glad you are my very best friend. thank you for this warm welcome. i love you truly.