22 April 2009

Earth Day

i picked up my Fjällräven Kånken bag from the post office today! it came in this exciting bright green package which added to the anticipation. this is my first time recieving mail in bright green...i like it! it came packaged with information packets and a great sticker i want to put on my car :-)

i'm so excited to use it for the first time this summer session and next semester!

thats a picture of a plant i potted for my sister in that pretty ceramic egg, and a cute glassed bird cage i picked out for her to put on her wall. also some lavender that i planted yesterday.

hope everyone had a good earth day!


Anonymous said...

love the photos, check mine ;)

HELLO TIGER! said...

Fjällräven is great!

I like your blog, awesome photos and you've got great style!

alice said...

It looks great! I see they do a laptop backpack in that style too, I am so tempted : )

vie_cuap-cuap said...

great, I love your photos

Duermevela said...

Nice pics

Kate said...

so jealous of your bag! where did you get yours? I have a sneaking suspicion that creatures of comfort jacked the price up.

Fine Little Day said...

Hurray for Fjällräven!

Make it Easy said...

thank you! i will check out your page too :-)

hello tiger:
i love YOUR blogs! so inspirational, ecsecially the one with the motivating quotes!!

i think the one i got has a pocket for the laptop!! when you zip it open, theres a large slot that has a foam pad inside...so im guessing its for a laptop because its big enough to fit a laptop :-)

yes it was quite exspensive on creature of comfort! i couldnt even order from that site! it didnt work for some reason :-(
i got it much cheaper (with fast shipping) at http://www.thesportinglodge.co.uk/
it was about 45pounds (with shipping), so like 60-something USD....not bad huh! hope you can get one too! :-)

Anonymous said...

that pot is so adorable.

Kate said...

thanks for the tip, I'm definitely ordering one now!!

Emelie said...

Yay for kånken :)

Lovely blog u have!

/ Emelie from Sweden