06 April 2009

garden party

what is it about nature that makes all your troubles dissapear? something about being outdoors in a beautiful garden or park, having lunch or playing an acoustic guitar...makes the world seem so okay.

(by Horumon)

(by Chen Zon-Huan)

Lullatone - "leaves falling"

(two strangers who never meet.)


J.Yo said...

ah some say it's the green.. but i'd say its the breeze! i love these picture.. kinda reminds me that i should relax a bit..

how's dropsnap?

and btw, i'm adding ur link, hope u dont mind?

Zaina said...

I love nature. There is something so beautiful about it, that words fail me, i could describe the feeling, but it probably wouldnt capture the appeal and awe nature has for me.
Wonderful picture :]
xx zee

Make it Easy said...

i agree with the breeze too! i think i love plants so much because they are so alive. they are not just a table or chair...they breath and sit with you to enjoy...a friend. haha
i couldnt find any of my style on dropsnap, the style on that website is a bit intense for me. haha thank you for sharing though!
i will add you too!

i couldnt have said it better myself :-)

Delphine said...

I was thinking about this the other day, i had this intuition that we feel best when we are in contact with nature and able to have access to validating social interaction and relationships, probably like we were "designed" to function? i like this entry a lot!!