03 July 2014


Hello!  Wow, this post is long over due! I went to Kyoto back in March, almost 5 months ago! Just goes to show how much I've been neglecting my blog :-(

Well, I went for 3 days and took the lovely Shinkansen all the way to Kyoto for a mini-vacation to meet my good friends Anthony and Jonathan, who were visiting from California! Along the way, I also got to meet the lovely boys behind Japanesesong Trip!  David and Koichi turned out to be one of the most loveliest couples I have ever met!  I'm also super excited too because they are moving to Tokyo now!

This was my first trip to Kyoto and it really didn't let me down.  It's a beautiful city chock-full of temples! I have to say my favourite one was the Fushimi-Inari Shrine (with the red Tori gates).  It was just such a magical experience for me, walking through all the gates!  Also, there was this one spot with a big pond and all these little altars surrounded by Inari statues... this spot really had an affect on me. Maybe it was because the cold moisture in the air, mixed with the spiritual atmosphere... but it was so incredibly peaceful and calm. I definitely think it was a "power spot."

I also really loved Arashiyama!  The place with the bamboo grove.  I totally emulated a Lost In Translation vibe here as I walked through this quaint village, constantly listening to Air - "Alone in Kyoto."  It was perfect.  After spending 3 days there, I feel I've got a real nice grasp of the city, after constantly walking all day through busy streets and visiting temple after temple.  Hanging out with great friends and eating healthy local foods was also the cherry on top!

Also, here are some left over shots I took during the Hanami season!  As you can see, the parks were packed with picnics and endless amounts of alcohol and laughter.  It's such a joyous time of the year which only lasts for about 2 weeks.  I was also surprised to experience night-time Hanami!  I, personally, couldn't understand the hype over it since I'm such a sunshine loving person, so watching the Cherry Blossoms in the dark was a little anti-climactic for me.  Hahahah! But none the less, still a memorable experience!

Other than that, life's been crazy here in Japan!  I guess I didn't realize how fast paced the lifestyle was here.  Especially being a Hawaii boy, the city does sometimes get to me.  Coming to Japan on vacation, and working and living here and two totally different things!  It really can get stressful, which gave me some health problems... but not dwelling on that, I still am loving my new life here so much!  I'm always still exploring and seeing new things and making new friends!  Also, I  recently found love, so I've been on cloud nine these past weeks ♡

In May I also went on a very exciting adventure to Yakushima island!  This is the place where Princess Mononoke was modeled after!  It was such a beautiful experience full of nature and hiking and new friends!  I don't think I have ever been so immersed in nature like that.... but I'll do my next post on that!

Take care and I hope all is well with everyone!!