27 February 2010

ダンススタジオDO-UP AYAクラス

i can't stop watching this! these little Japanese kids are blowing my mind!

ps: if you heard on the news about the tsunami that was supposed to hit Hawaii today from an earthquake in Chile (my prayers go out to them) but thankfully nothing happened, everyone is safe here. みんなはだいじょうぶです! but apparently, Japan might be next in line to feel the aftermath of the quake. 日本で きよつけてね!

24 February 2010

so many thoughts...

i was so tired and ready to sleep, but now i can't seem to close my eyes.

i wonder if it's fun or boring to be a cat.

when will love find me...

i wonder what is Sofia Coppola's favourite song right now?

how good is my karma at the moment...

my neck hurts.

i don't want to work 1-10pm tomorrow :-(

i want my hair to grow a little longer already

i love avocados. how much are avocados where you live?
(they are about $1.30 each here in Hawaii. so exspensive ya?)

おと な り

just ordered this movie Oto-na-ri. i cant wait to watch it, it looks so cute. a love story between two neighbors who dont know each other yet, a photographer and a florist.

i also ordered this Japanese animation called Peeping life. it looks halarious!!

ps: my new brown hair colour came out alright. its a nice dark brown. i have to get used to it.

22 February 2010

below are some random photos of my room. i put up all my polaroids from Japan on the wall!

i think i got bit by the cooking bug! i am having so much fun lately cooking: todays lunch was radish sprouts, over easy eggs, ham, on top of saimin (Hawaii's version of ramen), with some rakkyo zuke (pickled scallions) and daikon kim chee! おいしかった!!

random A.P.C. things i thought were nice. i am not a big name brand person who looks at every new collection and studies runway show photos and things, so i just end up being picky in anything nice from any store :-)

i'm going to colour my hair brown today.

19 February 2010

first, i want to thank all of you for your kind thoughts about my artwork! it means so much to me to have your support and be surrounded by other great artists like yourselves. i will try to post more of my work in the future, thank you again!

next, i want to introduce you to the beautiful world of Tae Co. her images are flawless! such beautiful light and love in these photographs of her family and the beauty that surrounds her.

i hope these photos make you smile as much as i did. enjoy


15 February 2010

here are some of my drawings i have done in various art studio classes. i am more than flattered that you guys even showed interesting in wanting to view my work, though they are just simple human model forms and nothing too special in detail, i thank you :-)
(the last coloured one was from a fashion illustration course i took about 2 years ago?)

i hope you all had a happy Valentines Day / Chinese New Year!

last night i watched the new Avatar movie...SPECTACULAR!! the story, the graphics, the message...everything was so beautiful and well detailed, the story's importance has strong messages and the special effects were mind blowing. if you haven't seen it yet, i HIGHLY recommend you do!

12 February 2010

very pretty Pesqueira calendar. more beautiful things via Ana Laura Perez.

i will also post some of my art (drawings) soon. i appreciate your interest :-)

11 February 2010

if you haven't died from this cuteness overload, there's something wrong with you....(turn off my page music at the bottom to fully appreciate. U900's youtube and myspace.) ちょかわいいですね〜?!ほんとうにだいすきです!!

07 February 2010


here are some nice things my friends brought me back from Japan! a nice canvas Muji bag (in the middle of the 2nd picture), a great japanese art book (done by 3 combined artists, sharing thoughts, drawings, photos, and treasures), and a ceramic totoro my friend made for me in her ceramics class!

...i want to say a big THANK YOU for all your support and encouragement! my First Friday experience at the drawing fundraiser was very fun! me and a bunch of the students were drawing live models for a couple of hours and people came in and out of the studio to observe and donate some money for our organization. this is the only picture from the night, as my sister stopped by and took a picture with her phone. in the end, i ended up selling a couple of my drawings! i felt like it was my first real experience as a true artist. i'm proud of myself and so happy i did it :-)

04 February 2010

i enjoyed dressing up in warmer layers today, and it has gotten much more chilly lately. only during the months of january through march can people in Hawaii dress in a "winter" fashion.

and i like these two images from a Choki Choki magazine i bought the other day.

-i finally signed up to draw for the art exhibition tomorrow for First Friday! even though i'm super nervous, i am hopeful about how great of an experience it will be for me! and i also told my friends to come too so we can go have drinks after :-p

-i also got accepted onto the Deans List for my Fall 2009 grades! :-D

02 February 2010

just like one of my other favourite photographers, Hitoshi Ishihara, the next two photographers i want to share with you also take beautiful photos of their children and family, as well as wonderful shots throughout Japan.

the first four pictures are by Pola-Life, who takes adorable pictures of his little girl!

and the last eight are by Hideaki Hamada, living in the quaint city of Osaka. i just love his mix of country life and city life together in his photos. you can also see his blog, and music project.

. . .

...also, i am thinking about getting involved in the art fundraiser going on this friday in Chinatown, for the "first fridays" event where art galleries are on display for the public. my colleges art department is having a fundraiser in one of the galleries, and is asking the drawing students if they want to showcase live drawing sessions with the models for the public to view us as we're working.....i'm not sure if i want to do it though...

i think it would be a great opportunity and it sounds really fun, but i don't really enjoy 'first fridays' as they're overly packed with people (i'm a bit claustrophobic). and i have never drawn in front of a live audience before, except my studio classes, so i'm very nervous... i have until thursday to make a decision...?