07 June 2010

1. one of my paper making projects. after pulling a cotton paper, i did some mix colour stenciling then added some thread embellishing. my sister said it looks like balloons. haha
2. the cat i really want to adopt. just look at her colour patterns! absolutely stunning! (visited the animal shelter today)
3. 4. in the kitten house :-3
5. 6. 7. some of the adult cats. they're all so friendly!
8. 9. very pretty house i saw on my walk to school

ps: im finally in a relationship! it's been only a month now, but i'm very happy. i have always been the single one in my group of friends, so i feel very fortunate and lucky that someone likes and wants me in a romantic way. it's a special feeling i've almost forgotten about, but now i can't stop smiling...
♥ ♥ ♥


Yoli said...

Beautiful first project! You have a lot of promise. Congratulations on being on a relationship!!!!

marie said...

ah that cat is beautiful!

and good for you - bet you can't stop smiling;)

Hello Sandwich said...

nawwww aron-san is in loooovvveeee~! shucks you are cute! and i love that beautiful paper work! you clever bunny! can you come to tokyo to visit me soon please!

Leslie said...

That cat is absolutely stunning! I really like her fur pattern and beautiful, blue eyes. But ahh, all of them are gorgeous!

And congratulations on your relationship! Keep on smiling. :)

Claudia said...

Wow Aron, that paper piece is beautiful! I love the colours you used :)

Is that an animal shelter? The white one has such stunning eyes, I just want to stare into them foreverrrrr haha.

Congratulations on your new relationship! For the longest time I had this feeling like I would never be in a relationship, and then when I wasn't really thinking about it, I started to reconnect with someone from my high school, who was kinda thrust into my life by total coincidence (or fate, haha). But here we are now, dating for more than a year. Life is funny :)

matt said...


Whats that?

Come again?

One more time?

ahhh! Aron I am so happy for you! I hope the best for you two ^_^!


Those cats are cute btw.

thwany said...

that cat is adorable.

and congrats on the relationship :)

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Beautiful artwork in the top picture - well done!

Sun said...

eeeee!!!! so happy for you Aron!

: )

Eve said...

the cat you want to adopt is so pretty! love the blue eyes!

Vanessa said...

Ok. you take the top kitty and I'll take the rest!

Rina said...

Nya!! Let's have sekihan, ne?! c: the best for the two of you!!

My Funny Valentine said...

Oh How much I love your print! do you sell it? I would love to have it next to my desk so I could smile when I see it!
I live very far from you (I live in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean) but I feel in sympathy with your colors.

some times I forget how happy and lucky I am to be with the man I love and just to think he sees me as the woman of his life make me feel so great! thank you for reminded me this.

My18stripes said...

Wao, I love your paper project, it's beautiful!

lina said...

oh i love this post!!
beautiful paper project!
i love the white kitty with blue eyes : ) last night i had a dream i was picking out a kitten to adopt. ohhh i really want one now!

yay for you & your boyfriend : )

Nana Eddy said...

first time visiting you page. you have nice pictures here. and you got me hooked with the cats. meeooww~