11 May 2010

hello summer

it is officially summer! i am finally finished with everything for school (thank you guys for wishing me luck on my final exam! it was okay), and that means it's time for sunshine, fun with friends, waking up late, cold snacks, going to the beach, more green! i still have some summer school, and will work more because i need more money... but i know everything will still be fun :-)

(all these great photos by Sayaka Minemura!)


marie said...

ah i still have a few weeks to go! (i'm procrastinating about all my assignments right now :)

Skytsengelmin said...

love your photos!

Have a great summer.

Best Regards,


Claudia said...

congratulations! it feels so good to be done, doesn't it? I wish I had cherished it a little more and done more adventurous things; I just got my MCAT prep books in the mail yesterday so it's back to work for me... ah well :)

Make it Easy said...

oooh good luck marie and claudia!!

louise: thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! you are lucky to have those summer vacations!!!

Enjoy it a lot!!!

Beatriz Uve. said...

nice blog!!
are you from japan?
i'm going there on holyday next week.

Yoli said...

Enjoy your summer kid you deserve it! I love your images, you are such a intuitive photographer.

sushimiam said...

Enjoy the sun, the green grass and friends !!!! Have a great summer! And if you can send us sun and warm for France...thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is lovely.
We have about two weeks to summer here!!


Make it Easy said...

thank you all!!

bea: hahah no i am not from Japan. i live in Hawaii :-)
have fun in japan though for me next week! i want to go back...

i send sun and warmth your way!! <3

Betsey said...

yes!!! great shots, so summery and perfect!

Studio Duermevela said...

this post made my day!
what a beautiful feeling of summer and nice pics!!

Jessica said...

beautiful photos,
i am really enjoying your blog ! Is there any way to follow you ? oh well, you are bookmarked for now :)
Have a great weekend

alan 3coffeesaday said...

hey that's me on the first photo! :)

viva sayaka

alan 3coffeesaday said...

hey that's me on the first photo! :)

viva sayaka