13 April 2010

love these portraits by the amazing Laura Encursiva!!

...in my last post, i mentioned my friend and i were relaxing to charming music...well, that music has been playing my ipod non-stop since. it really has a healing quality, the entire album is changing my life.

i want all of you to listen to Matt Marque. you wont regret it. enjoy!


laura tj said...

these are so so good!! thanks for sharing. and off to have a listen to some music you've posted recently now!

Studio Duermevela said...

I heart about her. The photos you chose are really cool.
I love you last post too. Being with friends and sharing experiences is one of my favourite things.

Juniper said...

Really nice portraits. Thank you for sharing the music link of Matt Marque, I agree it is uplifting and rather healing music. I really like it, thanks for introducing it!!

christine chang said...

because of you i've been passing matt marque to all my friends :) it's been on repeat! thank you for sharing! i'm ckchang on tumblr :)

Make it Easy said...

see hear say & duermevela:
thanks! im glad you like her photos too! so great nice huh!!

oooh im so glad you like his music too!
rest well to it :-)

OH YAY!! yess pass him on! i think he needs to be heard about more!!! he is very underground artists who doesnt have much publicity he deserves i think......CKCHANG! hey tumblr friend!

J said...

Thanks for telling us about Matt Marque. His voice is so easy on ears. I personally love the track entitled Cheers and Applause. :) Good vibes!

kaley laine said...

WHOA I'm so happy you love Matt Marque. I've known him for years but no one else seemed to and it bugged me! such a surprise!