20 April 2010


the Hawaii International Film Festival is in town for the week, and last night me and my friends went to watch Summer Wars. it was such a great film! visually stunning, amazing story, super funny, and very cute. the story gets pretty intense at the end, but none the less, it was a fun film to watch. and dont you just love all these little mini-posters?!

just watch the first 5min. of the film....it's super cute!!!


Rina said...

Hawaii International Film Festival wa すごいですね!
the animation looks really cute.(○^▽^○)
I wanna see this movie now!!
you always know about the coolest movies

Shandi said...

oh wow...the animation really is "cute"! i don't understand a word but i loved watching it. thanks.


toxic disco boy said...

i have been waiting for the DVD for ages!!!!!!!!!! is it out already?

Yoli said...

How adorable!

Claudia said...

Ooh, where did you find these cute posters? I noticed you reblogged the poster I put on tumblr (thanks! and for the follow!) but when I was searching it was the only one I could find!

I'll have to link to this post when I do my own Summer Wars post. Looks like you beat me to the punch :P

Make it Easy said...

disco boy:
im pretty sure the dvd is out, that movie came out in 09 in japan so it should be out :-) search ebay

oooh THANK YOU for letting me know about this movie through your blog!!! i would not have even known they were playing it at out HIFF if i didnt see it on your tumblr :-)
i got those posters from a japanese website:
just type in サマーウォーズ in google :-)

pascale said...

oh I missed that and I live in Tokyo! I guess I will be watching it on DVD :p

Claudia said...

You're welcome! I'm glad I was able to pass it on to someone else! I guess we're even now since your blog was what got me into Haruka Nakamura and now The xx :)

Oh haha, silly me... thought to do that on pixiv to find fanart but didn't think to do it on Google :P

Luuworld said...

haven't seen the film, but the posters sure are a super cool!

toxic disco boy said...

i couldn't wait so i resorted to piracy. haha. i watched a good quality bootleg online. this is one of the best anime i've seen.