30 March 2010

what was the last thing you had the most fun doing?


danica said...

that first photo is super cute!

hmm, i think the last thing that i did that was fun was being silly with my friend jo on the bus home from uni. given that we are postgrads we should have been much more composed :)

Fine Little Day said...

The playground, and the two last photos with the flowers! Yummie.

LINA! said...

last photo is <3

last thing i did that was definitely going to a placebo concert. live shows are super fun.

i added your link to my frequent reads btw :)

Bonjour Juliette said...

I had a surprise karaoke evening at some new friends'house the other day, after having eaten crêpes Suzette, and we wore plenty of silly wigs and fake noses and glasses while singing very loud to awfully re-plaid Bowie (& others) songs! That was absolutely unexpected, and super fun!

Make it Easy said...

aww that sounds fun!
youre never to old to be silly!!!

fine little day:
thats so simple and sweet :-)

oooh a placebo concert! that must have been niiice!

...WOW. that sounds awesome!! thanks for sharing!

Maya said...

oh these are lovely! are you japanese??? i am half japanese :]
the last thing i had the most fun doing was my last ap art class err just a few hours ago!

we could grow up 2gether said...

what a good question

rae said...

ohmygod, the sunflowers are huge! i hope i can be there. sigh

i just came back from a birthday picnic, and it was really fun! :)

Zoie Shun Chan said...

It's so beautiful! where from?