22 February 2010

below are some random photos of my room. i put up all my polaroids from Japan on the wall!

i think i got bit by the cooking bug! i am having so much fun lately cooking: todays lunch was radish sprouts, over easy eggs, ham, on top of saimin (Hawaii's version of ramen), with some rakkyo zuke (pickled scallions) and daikon kim chee! おいしかった!!


world of sekimachihato said...

your noodle dish looks delicious! and healthy too!
aaaa, i wish i had a cat...

Sun said...

younger aron looks so petit, haha. The noodle seems delicious! make me want to eat ramen/noodle, yum!

jenna said...

love this! they are indeed cute. i like your room too, always so dreamy and wonderful looking! and a birthday too?! happy, happy!

Maia said...

Your friends are stunning...and big props for your cooking, which looks delectable! Time does move so very fast. Moments blend into years in a matter of heartbeats, and every moment is worth treasuring, good and bad. And, love your polaroid collection.

Hello Sandwich said...

23!!! you are a BABY! Do you know I am turning 30 in June! argghhhh! I have a big list of things to get through before I turn 30 let me tell you!
Hey your apartment looks soooooo gorgeous! I love your new photo wall and all the frames look fantastic too.
And can you please cook me that one day in Tokyo! ha ha !oishiso!!!!!
Hope you are having a nice day dear!
Love Love
Hello (omote)Sando

danica said...

i think i've said it before and i will say it again: your place is fabulous! i love it :)

Anonymous said...

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Celine said...

mmm! those noodles DO look delicious! You make good looking over easy eggs!
You look so grown up compared to when you were 17! But you look cute, both now and then! Happy 23!!

_ffyona said...

Your room looks so darling! Happy 23 in advance! ;)

Elleni said...

I love your selection of A.P.C. items below and your blog is great! I think you might like mine too: ellenitza. Stop by when you have a minute.

lina said...

hello. i just found your blog. it's so nice! i really love your photos. polaroids are the best & so much fun : )

kaley laine said...

you are the cutest thing I've ever seen ;p

Rina said...

waa, you have such handsome friends!
ramen ga oishisou desu! demo, niku o itadakimasen.

aw, those photos are cute.

Make it Easy said...

world of...
thank you! yet, it seemed healthy. haha adopt a cat :-)

i am always petite. hahah

thank yoouuuu :-)

the wanderers daughter:
thank you, those were very nice words. so true!

hello sando:
haha yes it is still young. wow i did not know you were 30, i thought you were my age! you look so young too because youre way too cute! heheh

thank you! (again) <3

aww thank you!!
my friend just taught me the correct way to make over-easy eggs! so i have been cooking them nonstop now. haha

thank youu!!

thank you! i will visit your blog too! thanks for stopping by :-)

thank you for stopping by my blog! appreciate it :-)

oh wow...blush :-3

vegetarian desuka? :-)

Nazara said...

They gonna have beautiful children!
In Brazil there is a wonderful miscegenation. For example, you can see many kids with brown skin and green asiatic eyes. They are so cute :)
You are pisces!! Me too. I had to expected it because you are very sensitive.
I adore your photos, and your meal looks yummy!

USNBP. said...

Your room is just so coooool, sunny and aerial.. me likey a lot ! thx for sharing!

Make it Easy said...

oh yes! i heard there is many japanese in brazil...that fascinates me! i wonder how they look different. i bet they are all beautiful!
i met this japanese guy from brazil once. he looked straight out of japan though, but had a brazilian name. haha it was cool

daily poetry:
thanks man!!!

Rina said...

nice shirt you're wearing in that older photo, ne? ;P
*I just noticed it* XD

Vanessa said...

Wow, they're both stunners! Lucky future-kids :-)

Nathan Williams said...

that place look amazing.
i like the photos on the wall a lot.

cool, thanks for sharing man