13 November 2009

i love these retro advertisements! they're so simple and beautiful. you can see much more at sugarpie honeybunch's flickr. its all so pretty!

also, did you guys see lady gaga's new music video?! my friend Ant showed me, and its absolutely great! its visually stunning with amazing costumes and fun dance moves, check it out!


Sun said...

These retro ads are so sweet and innocent :)

& yesss, i've seen it. i like her overall white costume with the crown, kinda remind me of kazuma kaneko's persona characters.

silk said...

They look so much better than the airbrushed and over-photoshoped ads we see in current magazines!

Guusje said...


Anonymous said...

Today I saw it for the first time, and i like very much your selection of music.
thanks !

Hila said...

I have to admit, lady gaga scares me sometimes :)

Make it Easy said...

yes, those costumes are craazy! i love it

yesss, i like how simple these ads were! i actually think they would be just as affective today

why thank you very much!!!

hahah, ya i didnt really care for her before. like shes trying to hard to be different. but its all a very appealing pop image we havent seen in a long time, so its quite refreshing to me :-)

Reanna said...

These are hilarious! I went to my local flea market recently and found tons of vintage Chatelaine magazines from the 60's. All I can say is, the fashion shoots back then were so amazing! They really took risks back in the day.