06 October 2009


today i made yakitomorokoshi!! it is one of my favourite snacks! the other day my friend gave me a bag of kahuku corn (which is the best corn in hawaii), so i thought i would make this delicious japanese summer snack!

the first picture is what i cooked today. it doesnt look that great, but super oishii! the last two are japanese snacks flavoured after yakitomorokoshi! is'nt that crazy?! i wonder how they taste, 本当おいしそうだね~!たべたい!!


Celine said...

corn flavoured kit kat?!? haha! I wonder how it tastes as well!!

hiki said...


letopho said...


Ensuite said...

Hey! Thank you! Your blog is so beautiful too!!! It was a nice discovery to start off the day.
Clarisse & Lucile

jenna said...

thank you! you have a really nice blog too, i like all of the asian and japanese inspired photographs you have here, very inspiring! :)

Anonymous said...

yakitomorokoshi-flavored kitkat!? that's crazy, but i am curious.

Ulrika said...

Wow, it looks really good, and interesting :)

debbie said...

how do you make it? looks tasty :)

R.K said...

Hello =D
stumbled into your blog
when I was searching for
Ponyo images, and intently
loved your space here. . .
especially this music you
have playing.
Can you please give me the
title of this song.
I did try searching for
daremo shiranai 'Gontiti'
but cannot find this
particular song. . .
thank you ^^

Make it Easy said...

i wonder too!!!! im so curious. japan make some crazy kit kat flavours!

hontouda! smells soooo good ne~!

it was delicious. i ate it all to myself. hahah

aw thank you so much! thats so nice

thank you! im glad it is inspiring to you too!!

me tooo!! i wonder if they still make it? haha

after boiling the corn and taking off the husks, you grill it with a special sauce. some use shoyu (soy sauce) and mirin (and/or sugar), but i used this prepared sweetened teriyaki sauce they sell here. im sure there are different ways to cook it :-)

wow, thank you so much! im so glad you like it :-)
the band it called Gontiti, and they are playing the song they featured in the movie "dare mo shiranai". gontiti plays a similar/but slightly different version of this song on of of their albums, which, i dont know. i just downloaded a bunch of their songs before on limewire and luckily found it. but here it is on youtube:
(heres a secret) to download this song from the youtube page as an MP3 file, type the word "fire" after youtube (in the URL, before .com) and it will take you to a japanese download page. then click MP3, then it will take you to two more pages where you click a highlighted button in the window....i hope that works for you :-)

R.K said...

hihi, thank you for the tip!
Yes, I managed to download
the song. Listening to
on my computer right now =D
thanks again!